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Listen to Those Clichés – My Post via @DailyMuse

Back in November I wrote a blog post for the Daily Muse’s “Lessons To My Younger Self” series:

When you’re young, you tend to think you have everything figured out. You move along at a mile a minute, blazing your path and achieving your goals. You hear advice from those older and wiser than you, but you might not really listen to it. You hear those common adages, those words of widsom packaged in clever clichés—and you roll your eyes and get back to doing your thing.

And then you get older, and you realize that there’s a reason those clichés exist: They’re true.

In my life, there have been some ups and downs—but if my younger self had paid a bit more attention to some of those sayings, well, I think it would only have made her stronger.

There’s a lot that I would tell my younger self, but most importantly, I’d tell her to pay attention to those words of wisdom she heard oh-so-often, and yet still overlooked. And these are the ones I’d want her to remember the most:

1. Be Ready to Work Hard
Some things will come easy for you, but many things you will have to hard work for. And that’s OK—you will treasure what you earn much more than what you don’t.

2. Be Good to Everyone
They’re just like you, going through their own lives, facing their own challenges, and creating their own stories. Forgive easily and try very hard to forget.

3. Be in the Moment
Don’t be in such a hurry to get where you’re going. Savor the moments of your youth—homecomings, walking home from school, and firsts of everything. Let go of any negative emotions as quickly as possible, and hang on tightly to the positive ones. Also, write. Keep a record of your positive memories—they will help you through the times that aren’t so peachy.

4. Be Able to Let Go
Remember that everything passes. Always welcome change in your life, and don’t get too attached to any present circumstance. It’s all part of a never-ending cycle.

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