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Chrysler 300 is One Sexy Piece of Machinery. #SocialTestDrive

Earlier this year I received a tweet from Zac at Suburban Collection, Mike McClure had recommended my participation for the Suburban Collection’s #socialtestdrive.

By participating I would receive a vehicle for the weekend and share my experience via social networks.

The real question was – which car should I drive? The sleek and elegant Chrysler 300 sounded like the best choice for me.

I picked up my black on black shiny toy for the weekend from Suburban Collection on an unseasonably warm Michigan winter day.


Chrysler 300 at The Suburban Collection in Novi


At first glance you’ll notice the sleek interior, chic leather upholstery with a neon-lit dashboard, luxurious woodgrain and chrome accents.
The Chrysler 300 is a roomy big body vehicle with plenty of seating for you and your lucky passengers.

Chrysler 300 Sleek Interior Chrysler 300 Sleek Interior


“Starting the car might take some getting used to,” Zach explained as he walked me through starting the vehicle. With one foot on the brake and the keys in my pocket, I pushed the start button and my sexy ride for the weekend purred to life.
(Even cooler, no more lock outs! The doors won’t lock if your keys are in the car.)

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