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You Are Perfect, Whole and Complete. Just the Way You Are.

I started attending courses at Landmark Education in 2008. Landmark is an organization that teaches what I consider “life education” courses. Of the many things Landmark has taught me, one of their most profound beliefs is that we are all perfect, whole and complete as we are right now.

We all have things we’d like to fix about ourselves. In a world where we can never have or be enough, Landmark emphasizes living in the now because this moment is all that exists. Isn’t it strange how your emotions in one moment can dominate your perspective, making you feel helpless? Knowing that you are perfect right now, as you are, has the power to remove any self-doubt that you might be feeling.

How amazing would it be to have the ability to jump right back on course when you feel like you’ve fallen off? The next time you feel you could be better than you are, say this – “I am perfect, whole, and complete. Just the way I am.” And share with us how it shifts your world.


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